Brake system comprising an actuating device and a control and regulating device, wherein the control and regulating device based on the movement and / or position of the actuating device controls at least one electric motor drive device, wherein the drive device is a piston (1) of a piston-cylinder system via a non Hydraulic transmission device adjusted so that adjusts a pressure in a working space of the piston-cylinder system, wherein the working space via a pressure line with a wheel brake in conjunction, wherein between a brake cylinder of the wheel brake and the working space of the piston-cylinder system at least a valve is arranged, wherein the control and regulating device opens the at least one valve for Druckab- or pressure build-up in the brake cylinder, characterized in that the control and regulating device, the pressure change in the wheel brakes by evaluating the pressure volume characteristic of the corresponding wheel brakes on controls the piston travel or the current of the electric motor.

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