E-Mobility – Electrified instead of fueled up

When it comes to e-mobility, most people think of climate protection, reductions of CO2 emissions, clean air and the transformation of our energy policies. We think beyond that – namely, about maximum performance, efficiency, safety and driving pleasure!
For us, electromobility is not some sort of sensible limitation on our otherwise regular routine. It’s not a renunciation or a technology to bridge a gap. It is the mobility concept of the future, and we are already actively shaping that future. With innovative motors and braking systems we want to contribute in an important way to making electric cars easier to drive (or self-drive) than a gasoline or diesel engine has ever done before.

Years of experience being ahead of the curve

Ever since its founding in 1998, LSP has been blazing a trail in the research and development of components for electrically powered vehicles. Some of our first major successes were LSP’s electromechanical valve drive (IVC), the electrohydraulic steering (EHPAS) system and the electric air-conditioning compressor (ECC). Our range of expertise now covers the entire scope of services required to develop powerful and safe systems for electric vehicles

You gotta brake it to make it!

Whether it’s a supercar, a hypercar or a race car, when it comes to electrically powered high performance, many of the big names already rely on LSP.

And rightly so! Want an example? Our Brake-by-Wire braking system, IBSe, is already being used in Season 6 of Formula E, and since over 80% of the teams are equipped with our system, one can almost refer to it as a sort of “industry standard”. Last season our brakes were put to the test in 144 races and countless test and development runs – and not a single hardware failure occurred!

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Award-winning E-Mobility concepts

Our motor technologies are installed in the drive systems of innovative vehicles that have won international excellence awards.

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