Drive Train: A case for the heart specialist

A complete drive train is the actual heart of any vehicle! The development of efficient, ideally CO2-neutral powertrains is currently being given very high priority.

The advent of electrification, hydrogen propulsion, hybridization and new types of highly efficient internal combustion engines has sparked such fierce competition for innovation and technology that completely new architectures and applications are emerging. It is the great challenge of the market and its participants to take clever advantage of these opportunities and create solutions that meet not only the needs of customers, but also the fulfill the demands of politics and society for climate-friendly technologies.

We get the train moving.

We have recognized the relevance of this challenge and developed innovative technologies in the areas of high-performance e-motors, transmission actuation, fully variable valve drives and development tools for combustion engines. LSP is a globally recognized specialist for the complete design and implementation of these types of products – and thus a sought-after development partner who, not least thanks to its holistic LINK approach and tool chain, is able to deliver truly cutting-edge technology for drive trains, from concept to small series production.

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