Chassis Control: Having faith is important. Having control is better!

When it comes to central control and the monitoring of driving dynamics, driving experience and driving safety LSP is in its element! As a technology leader in braking systems, we have long been using our experience, our consulting experts and our products to help customers gain full control of their vehicles.

Vehicle Control Systems: the future is now

The E/E architecture for future mobility is currently being redefined and structured to fit into between two and five areas. Instead of separate control units for power steering, brakes and drive, vehicle dynamics and drive will increasingly be controlled centrally, and software updates and diagnostics will in the future be carried out “over the air”. Our experts can offer you suitable  braking systems and the associated software modules such as ABS and recuperation control so that you can in turn design your own domain.

Vehicle Controlsystem Architecture with X-Boost

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Full control pre-development and series production

LSP’s innovations can be used in test environments in the pre-development phase in order to gain experience with chassis control during extensive trials. Our customers benefit here in particular from 100% secure and proven technologies, but also from the simple interfaces and the very fast integration into the domain / central structure.

For solutions in series production we can also provide support in implementing the results of these trials by using our long years of experience and forward-looking concepts.

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Control has a long tradition at LSP

Since its founding in 1998, LSP has always been focused on balancing performance, safety and control.

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