Autonomous driving

What the driver sees as maximum comfort, relaxation and safety is what makes engineers and developers sweat: Autonomous driving is effortlessness with the most stringent demands! Ultimately, the performance of the most intelligent and complex supercomputer (humans) is completely replaced by the vehicle.

Above SAE level 3 of autonomous driving, the demands on safety-relevant systems such as brakes and electric power steering increase immensely. Another consideration is the E/E domain structure required for the vehicles of the future. With its cooperation partners, LSP offers a suitable 2-box braking system for SAE levels 3 to 4 and is also working with IPGATE on a modular system architecture (MSA) that will cover all SAE levels 2 to 5.

Fail Operation with X-Boost HAD

At the latest from SAE level 3 upwards, the operational capability of safety-critical functions must be fail operational. As such, the so-called fall-back performance in the case of isolated malfunctions must not cause accidents and the brake system must not fail in the case of a double malfunction. The driver must be warned immediately in the case of critical situations. Our X-BoostHAD with ESC which was developed together with cooperation partners and has been examined in detail with regard to fall-back performance* *, meets all of these requirements.

Modular system architecture for SAE levelsl 2-5

As a disruptive change in the automotive industry, the mobility of the future poses challenges to the entire market and its participants. Those challenges are already clearly visible today, but they will increase in both speed and intensity. Given that, both car manufacturers and automotive suppliers must prepare themselves for lower or even negative growth rates with regard to the number of vehicles produced annually and to the regionally varying dynamics in implementing autonomous driving levels 2-5. LSP and IPGATE are working here to develop a new Modular System Architecture (MSA), that will be setting new standards for reliability.

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