Picture: Rimac Automobili

When the subject changes to supercars and hypercars, you can almost see the excitement in the eyes of car fans and engineers! Like no other vehicle category, supercars and hypercars combine visionary invention with complex engineering and absolute performance!

They simply contain the best of what is possible today – and show what the future definitely holds. And that claim applies to every single component, system and technology involved. There are also the special requirements of the automobiles of the future, including e-Mobility and autonomous driving.

We are proud to be able to meet these lofty demands with our Brake-by-Wire X-Boost brake system.

X-Boost System Layout
  1. Reservoir with fluid level sensor

  2. Pedal interface with simulator

  3. Mounting flange

  4. Pressure supply unit

  5. ECU

  6. Hydraulic connectors

  7. Motor

  8. HCU

  1. Reservoir with fluid level sensor

  2. Pedal interface with simulator

  3. Mounting flange

  4. Pressure supply unit

  5. ECU

  6. Hydraulic connectors

  7. Motor

  8. HCU

The X-Boost is installed at the firewall and contains three different modules:

Modul I: Pedal Interface

Unlike ordinary brake systems, the X-Boost has no hydraulic coupling between the brake pedal and the brake calipers during normal operation mode.
An integrated emulator controls and maintains consistent pedal feel during regenerative braking. The emulator can also of course be customized based on customer preferences.

Driver deceleration is picked up by sensors in the pedal interface, which detects travel, force and pressure. These signals are then translated into target torque for the traction motor and target pressure for the calipers, all generated by the internal pressure supply unit.

Modul II: Pressure Supply Unit (PSU)

The core of the X-Boost system is our highly efficient Pressure Supply Unit. Designed and manufactured in house, the EC motor drives a ball screw that translates the motor’s rotary motion into a longitudinal movement of the pressure piston. This generates braking pressure as well as enables precise and dynamic control due to minimum friction hysteresis.

Modul III: Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU)

The HCU contains the system’s valves and pressure sensors. The pressure sensors detect driver intent and control output pressure to the wheels. The valves enable a fast and safe switch between active and variable fall-back modes to ensure safe braking capability in any situation.


Parameter Value
Dimensions (L x W x H) 147 mm x 144 mm x 158 mm
Weight 4.1 kg
Electric connector MOLEX power CMC047745100
Input voltage 9.5 V - 18 V
Hydraulic interface 2 x M12 x 1
Mechanical interface 4 x M8 (72 mm x 72 mm) or customized
Communication interface CAN with optional CAN wakeup
(vehicle CAN, private CAN to ESC)
Optional switch inputs Ignition switch, door switch,
brake light switch, low fluid switch


Parameter Value
Dimensions (L x W x H) 128.8 mm x 106 mm x 101 mm
Weight 1.9 kg
Electric connector USCAR-compliant harness connector
Input voltage 9.5-16 V operating range
System 12 valve, 4 channel
Layout Diagonal or Front-Rear hydraulic split
Max pressure 200 bar
Hydraulic interface ISO 4038/SAE J1290 flare configuration standard, JASO F402 90 degree optional
Communication interface CAN IVC with 2 available channels (with optional CAN Wakeup)
Optional switch inputs Brake switch, low fluid switch, TCS/ESC disable switch, AVH switch
Optional features >> Integral electric park brake function
(including EPB Button with 4 or 6 wire inputs)

>> Integrated inertial sensor

>> Active wheel speed interface with support for
directional wheel speed sensors

Supercars and hypercars require the utmost in braking performance – in every way! From braking speed, precision and driving feel to energy consumption, space requirements, weight and strict safety requirements. The X-Boost braking system meets all of those demands!

Outstanding break performance

  • Time to lock: 100ms
  • Precision brake pressure control (successfully proven on the Formula E circuit)
  • Strong regenerative braking up to 1g
  • Wide range of software adjustability


  • On-demand power consumption
  • Minimum energy consumption in stand-by mode
  • Zero drag caliper with controlled roll-back
  • Minimum weight and size


  • Driver intent detected by travel, pressure and force
  • Multi-layered fall-back modes
  • Redundant pressure supply
  • Ready for autonomous vehicle levels 3-4

Driver feel

  • Decoupled simulator system
  • Customized pedal feel
  • Constant pedal feel during regenerative braking

Not only our brake systems will impress you with outstanding performance specs while meeting the highest of standards – our team also delivers top performance on successful projects for our long list of satisfied customers!

Foto: Rimac Automobil

Need an example? Tomislav Šimunić (performance engineer at Rimac Automobili) has only high praise for LSP’s flexibility, reliability and on-time delivery as part of the Rimac hypercar project C_Two.

More about the C_Two and the detailed statement from Šimunić can be found in our News section.


For questions about patented technologies and licensing inquiries please contact our partner IPGATE.


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