PCT - A novel concept for hydraulic transmission control

PCT - A novel concept for hydraulic transmission control

LSP has many years of experience with compact, highly dynamic drive units and is a pioneer in the development of innovative braking systems that are recognized around the world. Our know-how in electrohydraulic actuators combined with cost-optimized standard components from the brake industry represent an improvement over conventional gear actuators in nearly every technical aspect.

On top of that, we have also managed to apply many elements of our technology expertise to this innovative piston-controlled transmission actuator, or PCT. The core of the PCT concept is ball seat switch valves, which are used in all ABS/ESP systems without exception.

The new benchmark for energy efficiency

The ball seat switch valves we use are particularly impressive because of their low cost, easy handling and minimal demand on working fluid purity. In addition, ball seat valves are highly efficient in terms of hydraulics (leakage-free). In combination with an electrically driven hydraulic piston, we have developed a concept that also sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency.

PCT actuates almost every conventional “real power on demand” transmission. There are no hidden load consumers that reduce system efficiency.

An all new level of system diagnostics

The patented concept takes the diagnostic capabilities of transmission systems to new heights. Continuous online analyses maintain dynamics on the one hand and improve control quality during operation over the entire service life on the other. The gains in terms of system information significantly support future applications in the field of autonomous driving.

Performance without loss

An electrically actuated piston in combination with leakage-free, low throttle ball seat valves from the ABS allow the system to simultaneously trigger several hydraulic actuators. The actuation is “real power on demand” efficient because there is no power loss apart from the direct actuation.

All benefits at a glance

The modular design of the PCT allows the system to be applied to almost any type of gearbox. PCT gets the maximum out of any gearbox setup – either as a fully integrated solution or as a plug-and-play version.


All the ways you profit from PCT:

Energy efficiency

  • “Real power on demand” through hydraulic pistons and ball seat switch valves
  • Maximized system efficiency through minimized loss
  • Cost reduction through technology transfer
  • Ball seat switch valves are an integral component of every brake system because they exploit existing economies of scale
  • No development costs for valves
  • Reduction of manufacturing and assembly costs
  • Application-specific systems easily accessible
  • Easy adaptation of the system to all existing gearbox types
  • Extensive options for system diagnostics



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Do you have an application in which one or multiple hydraulic regulators need to be actuated with precision and efficiency? PCT just might be the solution for you!

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