History of Innovation

Innovation is a tradition at LSP!

Ever since it was founded in 1998, LSP has been committed to shaping the future with innovation. So we look back with pride on our extensive portfolio of product developments!


The patented RVT electromotor drive features maximum torque combined with lively dynamics and an innovative rotary axis concept that enables high power density for use in diesel, gasoline, or even hydrogen motors.

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IBS / IBS Gen2

The integrated braking systems IBS and IBS Gen2 developed at LSP can be referred to without hesitation as milestones in the evolution of braking systems.

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An innovative drive for pure E-Motion!

As a specialist for innovative electromechanical drives and systems, LSP used its ever-expanding wealth of knowledge in electronics and software development in mechatronic drive concepts to establish a completely new e-bike drive concept.

Through his work as founder and managing director at Compact Power Motors, Dr. Leiber has collected in-depth and specific knowledge in the field of highly compact electric motors. The company was the only electric motor company in the world to receive the Cleantech 100 Award three years in a row. Based on that knowledge of electric motors and a very intelligent patented drive system, the e-bike was basically redesigned from the inside out.

In cooperation with the company eVinci Mobility GmbH, what started out as an idea for a sustainable urban mobility concept possessing all three megatrend fields – fitness, e-drives and freedom from traffic jams in the city – has now developed into a mature and highly innovative product.

The patented drive system is particularly compact and powerful. It combines an extremely compact BLDC motor with sophisticated, automotive standards-compliant control software and a specially selected and arranged manual transmission. The manual transmission is continuously variable and transmits drive power to the rear wheel. This also allows shifting under full load.

The mid-engine drive system contains all of the necessary drive components and enables targeted vehicle concepts with an optimum center of gravity and minimum unsprung mass. This results in clear two-wheel concepts with a high degree of safety even on wet roads as well as superb off-road capabilities.

The drive system is scalable and suitable for use in pedelecs (up to 25 km/h), S-pedelecs (up to 45 km/h), e-bikes (up to 80 km/h) and load/transport pedelecs (up to 25 km/h or 45 km/h).

E-Vinci Mobility GmbH developed the Pike based on our drive system. With its high dynamics and surprisingly low weight, the Pike embodies the perfect symbiosis of bicycle agility and motorcycle acceleration. Maximum driving pleasure is guaranteed by the powerful and highly dynamic drive. The Pike makes both road and off-road riding an absolute joy. The vehicle can be flexibly customized, which means there is an ideal model for everyone. The e-bike was given the Plus X Award.

The E-Vinci bike at a glance:

  • Powerful drive with maximum efficiency and dynamic response
  • Touch display with intuitive control
  • Bluetooth smartphone connectivity for connecting with maps and online/cloud services
  • Innovative keyless GO with smartphone
  • Remote access for remote diagnostics
  • World's first e-bike in its class with continuously variable, fully automatic shifting under full load
  • 130 Nm – spectacular acceleration with the feel of a bicycle
  • Drive activated only by throttle grip up to 45 km/h (compared with motorcycle)
  • Range of over 80 km
  • From 0 to 40 km/h in five seconds
  • In-house development of the entire electronics schematic and software
  • First rivet frame in the bicycle industry, based on aircraft construction
  • Low mass on the damper, which means optimal shock absorption and comfortable riding experience

Do you have questions about the Pike or you have a similar challenge for LSP? We look forward to your inquiry!


The RFTR (Radial Flux Twin Rotor) is based on the knowledge that a magnetic circuit can achieve very high torque density if it is closed using an excited inner stator and/or outer stator across several rotors. This operating principle was already included in various RFTR patent applications and initial prototypes in 2010, and was then successfully industrialized by a British motor manufacturer.

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The CPM90 motor was conceived with specifications for a completely new winding technology. This innovation made it possible for the first time to automatically wind the stators of an external rotor motor using a high level of copper filling.

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Our IBSe Brake-By-Wire braking system has been showing what it can do since Season 5 of Formula E – and it has proven itself in 80% of the participating teams. The IBSe offers tremendous dynamics, maximum recuperation, high pressure control accuracy and an intelligent system architecture. In 2020 we significantly expanded our portfolio to include the IBS 7 HP and the IBSe Plus... the success story continues!

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With our innovative, piston-controlled PCT transmission actuation system we have succeeded in achieving what is in essence an outstanding transfer of technology. The core of this PCT innovation lies in the use of ball seat switch valves, which perform their tasks flawlessly in all ABS/ESP systems.

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Supercars and Hypercars require the utmost in braking performance – in every way! From braking speed, precision and driving feel to energy consumption, space requirements, weight and hefty safety requirements. The X-Boost braking system meets all of those demands!

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What’s next?

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