Autonomous braking

The future of "autonomous" braking

LSP and its cooperation partner IPGATE AG are working together to define the future of braking. With the new and special demands placed on brakes by autonomous driving and electrification and digitalization, there is now a lot of room for completely new approaches to overall systems. We have taken again this challenge!

Our Modular System Architecture (MSA) represents the combined know-how of LSP and IPGATE AG, with the two pioneers and top experts in the industry, Heinz Leiber and Dr. Anton van Zanten Heinz Leiber and Dr. van Zanten. MSA is the synthesis of one and a half decades of expertise, starting with the fundamentals of ABS, which was introduced in series production as early as 1978, the introduction of ESP, the introduction of Multi-BUS E/E architecture with gateway, and a number of other innovations in the development of Brake-by-Wire. This is where LSP contributes the knowledge gained from 15 years of developing series brake systems.

Nikola Tesla predicted the advent of mobile communications back in 1926. Heinz and Dr. Thomas Leiber have the ambition of setting yet another milestone with MSA, in the new area of “autonomous driving” – with goal of fast SOP of the first family members. Details about MSA are available to selected cooperation partners and licensees of IPGATE.

MSA - Important design guidelines

Safety first!

  • Single failures have no / minimal impact on pedal feel and brake distance
  • Double failures do not lead to the complete failure of brake systems
  • Consistent / Safety Gate (SAG)

System architecture (SA) as design core

  • New architecture with different focus on electric and hydraulic connections
  • Harmonized approach to Safety Gate

All SAE solutions with significant cost reduction

  • Use of common parts for all variants of SAE levels 2-4
  • Use of existing manufacturing equipment (capital expenditure)
  • Simple cost reduction by using few components!


Contact person

Interested in the future of braking or in the brakes of the future? Then get in contact with me. I look forward to your inquiry!

Dr. Thomas Leiber
Phone: +49 (89) 2872468-10