Electric Motors

Electric motors are the heart of all electric drives. That is why LSP has been able to bundle 20 years of the experience necessary for developing and manufacturing customized electric drives. Our application spectrum ranges from servomotors in highly dynamic and precise systems to high-voltage motors for the automotive sector. We develop and produce our electric motors in-house at our facility near Munich.

What we offer:

LSP has a broad portfolio of electric motors that can be cost-effectively scaled to your specific application. If you need a customized drive solution, we can offer you an application-oriented redesign to meet your requirements. Our range of services includes the development of rough designs to the production and measurement of electric motors. Due to our specialization in prototypes and small series manufacturing, we are then able to offer short development and delivery times for finished prototypes. The advantage for you: early functional testing including validation of the final product.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Extremely short development times
  • Products tailored to your application and cost structures
  • Broad existing portfolio means cost-effective development
  • Close collaboration during the entire project
  • In-house production of electric motors, up to small series quantities (10-1000 pcs. per year)
  • Testing and measurement of motors with suitable test benches

When developing electric motors, LSP works in compliance with the highest standards (ISO 9001, DIN 60034) and uses state-of-the-art methods. The design process at LSP includes all areas relevant to your needs: functionality, feasibility and costs. Thanks to many years of experience with complete systems, we inherently take into account all system-related aspects of a given motor and its purpose. Special attention is also paid to the interaction of electric motors, inverters and mechanical applications.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Electromagnetic design
  • Development of thermal designs and cooling concepts
  • CAD design incl. tolerance analyses and FEM structure analyses
  • Vibration analyses and acoustic optimization
  • Dynamic system simulations of electric motors on HiL test benches
  • Optimization for overall performance, including inverter
  • Application-specific design taking into account cost targets for small and large series production

LSP has a large portfolio of electric motors that can be customized to the scale of your customer requirements. We would also be happy to develop an individual concept to suit your specific needs!

The range of LSP motors:

  • From torque motors and precision actuators to high-speed motors
  • High efficiency, from the motor to the overall system
  • High power densities through the use of innovative components
  • Angle-of-rotation sensor portfolio available
  • Voltage range from 12 V to 400 V
  • Integration of different gearbox types possible
  • Low overall maintenance
  • Various protection classes available such as IP67
Positioner for highly dynamic applications
  • Highly dynamic with the DAG principle
  • Can be designed as a segment motor for challenging installation space conditions
  • Variable power class according to customer requirements
  • Successfully used in RVT for 15 years

Key Data

Parameter Value
Motor type PMSM:
DAG internal rotor
SAG external rotor
Segment motor
Voltage range 12 – 48 V
Output range 100 – 5000 W
RPM range Bis 6000 rpm
Dynamics > 1,75 · 10⁵ rad/s²
Cooling system Water
Pressure actuators for hydraulic systems
  • Minimal installation space thanks to highly integrated gearboxes
  • High actuating forces with simultaneously high dynamics
  • Compatible with protection class IP67
  • Successfully used in motorsports for 10 years

Key Data

Parameter Value
Motor type PMSM:
SAG internal rotor
Voltage range 9 – 18 V
Output range 200 – 600 W
RPM range Up to 6000 rpm
Cooling system Air
Torque motors
  • Extremely short installation length
  • High torque density
  • Minimal cogging torque
  • Reliably used as a starter generator

Key Data

Parameter Value
Motor type PMSM:
SAG external rotor
DAG twin rotor
Voltage range Up to 400 V
Torque Up to 250 Nm
Output range Up to 80 kW
RPM range Up to 6000 rpm
Efficiency > 96 %
Cooling system Water
High-voltage drives for electric transportation
  • Compact high-voltage drives up to 400 V
  • High power densities and wide characteristics diagram range
  • Portfolio of innovative cooling systems
  • Available with protection class IP67
  • Available with grounding brushes
  • Available with a gearbox
  • Applicable for drives in load handling devices

Key Data

Parameter Value
Motor type PMSM:
SAG internal rotor
SAG external rotor
Voltage range 230 – 440 V
Output range 5 – 50 kW
Max. output density Up to 5 kW/kg
RPM range Up to 9000 rpm
Max. efficiency > 96 %
Gearbox ratio 2:1 – 5:1
Cooling system Air

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