Organization and team - for the mobility of the future

Organization and team - for the mobility of the future

We are innovators, developers and designers. We love complicated challenges but we love to keep things simple. The LSP team is made up of passionate, creative and top-notch qualified engineers. We are enthusiastic about technology and are always working on new solutions and developments.

Whether we’re busy conceiving and designing software or electronics, drive and control systems, or prototypes, or whether we’re in preliminary development or do-ing just a small batch run, we believe in the joy of team-oriented development and flat hierarchies.

We have finely tuned our ability to understand the wishes and needs of our busi-ness partners and customers and to offer the right solution for the problem at hand. Having trust is an essential element of our collaborative work, and true partner-ships go far beyond just processing orders. After all, people are the most important factor in successfully developing not just first-class solutions, but the best possible solutions, day in and day out.

Work 4.0 or: The organization of the future

We believe that embracing modern working principles can help to attract better people to the company. We believe the results of leadership and hard work can reach new levels of quality. And we believe that the organization itself becomes more efficient, faster and thus more competitive and sustainable.

At LSP we are well on the way to becoming this type of future organization. Our company is dynamic, agile and constantly changing. We are always forming new teams for commissioned customer projects as well as for our own projects. It is not the formal allocation of responsibility that determines the makeup of the teams but the competence, experience and, last but not least, the enthusiasm of potential members for the task at hand. This requires, promotes and creates the freedom and courage to develop great ideas.

What drives us. Our recipe for success.

LSP employs people who are not only mature in their development, but who are al-so experienced professionals or even renowned experts in their fields. We fully trust in the abilities, self-motivation and responsibility of our employees and guarantee the highest levels of development quality by implementing performance principles combined with clean work and quality management processes. In addition, we have developed universal basic rules and a sort of genetic makeup based on our corporate values. When these are observed, they not only ensure the required suc-cess of our projects, but also provide encouragement, delight and a boost to our sense of unity.

The LSP core values

What we do needs to work

  • We have things under control
  • We place great importance on high quality
  • We are very well trained, versatile and think in an interdisciplinary way

We work efficiently

  • We are decisive and have an edge about us
  • We are pragmatic and work intuitively

We will even try the (apparently) impossible

  • Even the most complex of issues attract us
  • We are curious and courageous
  • We are innovative and flexible

We think before we act

  • We take our time and analyze situations before we take action
  • We seek long-term solutions

We stick together

  • Only satisfied employees are good employees
  • We speak in plain terms
  • We trust each other at all times
  • We delegate and take responsibility proactively!
  • Everyone is obliged to collect and deliver

Our team - your contacts

For every question, every challenge, every idea and every goal, you will find the right expert contact at LSP with whom you can consult and develop solutions.

Dr. Thomas Leiber
Dr. Thomas Leiber
Phone: +49 (89) 2872468-10
Robert Hartmann
Robert Hartmann
Technical Director
Phone: +49 (89) 2872468-38
Roger Perthen
Roger Perthen
Commercial Director
Phone: +49 (89) 2872468-31
Emanuel Wallrapp
Emanuel Wallrapp
Product Manager
Phone: +49 170 2894684
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Darmstadt and Technical University of Munich
  • 2017 – Joined LSP Innovative Automotive Systems GmbH
  • 2020 – Project Manager Hypercars

After several positions at large OEM's and suppliers during my studies I quickly chose LSP as the place to start my career. The company really has all the advantages one could wish for: a highly qualified and highly motivated team, the variety of exciting projects and the common goal of finding the best solution.

My first project at LSP dealt with the design of our Formula E brake system, IBSe, which has developed into a fantastic market success and exceeded everyone’s expectations. After guiding IBSe through several performance optimization phases I switched to the Hypercars unit. The momentum generated by LSP’s breakthrough development for hypercars, X-Boost, was then transferred from motorsports to the growing market of high-performance road vehicles.

Are you looking for a custom solution for your hypercar project? Then I look forward to hearing from you!

Valentina Wolf
Valentina Wolf
Human Resources & Marketing
Phone: +49 (89) 2872468-35
  • Studied Degree in Tourism Management, at the Munich University of Applied Sciences
  • Since 2015 – Joined at LSP Innovative Automotive Systems GmbH
  • Responsible for Marketing and Human Resources since 2018

After my studiescompleting my degree I worked  and for a few several years in an HR management role responsible position in the HR area of at a food services/catering ctor system-gastronomic company before finding , I came across the LSP in during a search ofor a new challenge.
It turned out to be a very successful change of industry! My own focus on service , along with the combined with a lot of wide- ranging decision-making room flexibility and the inherent trust atwithin the company at LSP, all have enabled me to realize make a number numerous of exciting projects a reality and to generate added value for our entire team.
Forward-looking ideas often emerge flourish best in flexible and open structures environments. Thus,  Short decision-making paths channels and flat hierarchies are not just ‘advertising clever slogans’ at LSP. They are part of , but everyday life at LSPhere, and that. This has motivated and inspired me from day one.
I feel very at home in our dynamic working environment offices and am happy every day to be part of an innovative development team every day.

Would you like to learn more about working at LSP and about our products and  services? I look forward to your message hearing from you!

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