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LSP was founded in 1998 by Dr. Thomas Leiber and his father Heinz Leiber: Out of love and enthusiasm for technology. Out of an instinctual drive to produce great innovations. And out of the realization that no existing company could provide the ideal framework for achieving their goals.

In the end, forming our own company created the foundation for implementing our own innovative ideas and our own revolutionary concepts in the field of mechatronics, That ethos applies not just to the two founders, but to each and every one of the now roughly 40 employees at LSP Innovative Automotive Systems.

Dr. Thomas Leiber

Thomas Leiber has a degree in Aerospace Engineering, a doctorate in Electrical Engineering and is a serial entrepreneur. His profound technical knowledge combined with business acumen gained as a consultant at McKinsey & Company has helped Leiber manage LSP since its founding as well as act as a strategic innovator with a focus on Braking Systems, new Motor Topologies and Chassis Vehicle Control / E-Drive with brake / steering and e-drive.

As part of his parallel involvement with LSP and the Swiss company ipgate AG, he not only brings his own patent specifications to both companies, but also mediates, networks and provides support in questions of business development, protection, licensing and the marketing of intellectual property (IP). Beyond that, he continuously applies his innovative thinking, business know-how and entrepreneurial skills in new start-ups, joint ventures and angel investments at companies such as GBatteries, CPM Compact Power Motors GmbH (parallel CEO until 2013), PCT Innovations d.o.o. and eVinci Mobility GmbH. Dr. Leiber already has his next company idea and further angel investments in mind.

Heinz Leiber

Heinz Leiber is one of the greatest inventors of our time and, at 83 years of age, still active as a pioneer and innovator. During his time as Director of Development at Robert Bosch GmbH he played a key role in the innovation, development and series launch of ABS 1.0. He was later Vice President of the Electrics / Electronics Division at Mercedes-Benz AG.

As designer of the new E/E Multi-BUS E/E architecture and mastermind of the new domain architecture, his visions continue to have a global influence on the development of future mobility.

He has received several national and international awards, including the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon, the Porsche Prize, the Diesel Medal and the Elmer Sperry Award. To this day LSP benefits from his expertise and the wealth of experience he has accumulated over decades in key areas of the automotive industry. Heinz Leiber supports LSP, works for the affiliated company IPGATE AG and is currently finalizing his contribution to the future of automobile brake history in the time of autonomous braking.

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