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We are specialists in innovative electromechanical drives and systems – and the right partner for you when it comes to technology or product development in the fields of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems engineering.

Our focus is on developing innovative braking systems, electric valve trains and actuators for dynamic driving applications as well as drive systems for the mobility of the future. Our core expertise and technological leadership is also rooted in the conception and design of compact and highly dynamic electromechanical drives, primarily for use in the chassis and powertrain sector. Thanks to our proprietary prototype workshop we are able to implement test vehicles in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality. We are able to do this through our compact organization and through efficient coordination between the production and development departments.

With our team of experienced engineers we, as an external development department, can support large international corporations as well as medium-size companies in their development and successful implementation of innovations. Globally renowned vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers know they have the substantial know-how and wealth of ideas within the LSP team, which has both experienced experts and talented younger engineers.

Complex solutions for complex problems

Our strengths lie in the creation of complex and innovative mechatronic system solutions. Reduction of weight and installation space, optimization of performance and efficiency, improved energy management, increasing functional integration and a growing desire for intelligent software and complete controllability are the cornerstones on which we develop our system solutions.

Our range of services includes:

  • Systematic product development of mechatronic systems
  • Design of mechatronic assemblies
  • Structural and thermal design and FEM calculations
  • In-house assembly of prototypes
  • Application of modern simulation methods
  • Agile software development and application at the customer site
  • Intelligent motor and actuator control including fault strategies
  • Development of electronics for safety-critical systems in automotive environments
  • Implementation of entire quality and safety management systems including FMEA
  • Experimental validation using customized HIL test benches and test vehicles
  • Deliver of thoroughly tested prototypes and small batches

Our tool chain

Innovative technologies are only successful if they are introduced at the right time. And the right time is typically: Before the competition does it! That's why all devel-opment steps at LSP take place in house. This allows us to integrate the parallel development of mechatronics, electronics and software, keep our innovation cycles extremely short, and ultimately find fast and cost-effective solutions for our custom-ers.

The Basis

FMEA - System Safety for the IBSe

Step 1

System with > 120 (sub) Functions

Step 2

Failure paths for > 200 failures

Step 3

The result

  • Identification of critical failures
  • Definition of inspection characteristics
  • Development of Software fail-save routines

The Development

Inspection characteristics and targets

Step 1

Original Inspection Characteristics

  • Product Specification
  • Requirements
  • Know-How
  • FMEA
  • Process-Related: Shaker Test, Climate Test, Durability Test
Step 2


  • Drawings
  • Test Scope
  • Target Values
  • Measurement Methods
Step 3

Documentation of Evidence

  • Prototype Parts Report
  • Acceptance Test
  • Measurement Logs
  • Review and back to Step 1

Assembly and testing

Documentation of evidence

Step 1

Prototype Parts Report

  • Material Testing
  • Surface Testing
  • Crack Testing
  • Safety Class S1 - S3
  • All safety relevant parts are traceable through serial numbers and 100% tested
Step 2

Modules Acceptance Test

  • 100 % Functionality Test
  • Visual Inspection
Step 3

System Acceptance Test

  • 100 % Functionality Test
  • Visual Inspection
  • Measurement Logs

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