Vision fulfilled: eVinci’s e-bike revolution receives the Plus X Award and goes into production

Munich, March 2016. eVinci’s Pike SUV e-bike combines aesthetics with unique technology. Faster, more accurate, with the world’s first fully automatic continuous gear selector and quieter than ever before. Its large range and short loading times set new standards. “We start production in March,” says eVinci’s managing director Klaus Rohde proudly. Three years of development have been rewarded with the Plus X Award. The bike beat all comers in five categories: Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality. “At the same time, we are aggressively building our distribution network,” stresses Rohde. The company’s goal is to find exclusive distribution partners in Germany’s six top urban centres. The first Pikes are intended to be delivered to customers from the company’s production site in Oberhaching/Munich by spring. There is great interest in the premium E-Bike – orders have even been received from Dubai.

We see the Pike 1 as the perfect symbiosis between the easy handling of a bicycle and the power of a motorcycle. It is an optimal solution for urban daily traffic and is absolutely suitable for terrain. "The innovative electric drive style is one of the sustainable mobility concepts that people will use in the future," says Rohde.

eVinci’s continuous, fully automatic shift system under full load, as is the case with Pike 1, is unique in the world in this class. The pinion, frame, seat and drive took years to develop and were steadily improved. The coordination of the components takes users to their destination even faster. The key to the Pike’s typical performance – both in comfort and in speed – is its achievement of 0 to 40 km/h in 4 seconds, and range of over 100 km.

eVinci’s SUV e-bikes are easy to handle in everyday life – they have lighting, mudguards and luggage carriers, roll perfectly on asphalt and have all-terrain properties when rough paths must be mastered. The Pike scores with 130 Nm acceleration while bringing a low mass on the damper for optimal damping characteristics and a better driving experience.


About eVinci

eVinci Mobility GmbH was founded in 2014 by Dr. Thomas Leiber, Managing Director of LSP, and Klaus Rohde as a subsidiary of LSP Innovative Automotive Systems. LSP possesses extensive know-how, gathered over many decades specifically for engines, vehicle, control and drive technologies. With its bikes, eVinci has found a further application for the technology from its own company. Behind eVinci is the concentrated experience of LSP in the conception and design of compact and highly dynamic electromechanical drives.

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About Pike

A new generation of bicycles is conquering town and country and is already part of everyday life: e-bikes are a modern means of transport for modern people. For particularly fast cyclists, commuters and pleasure cyclists who like to reach their destination quickly, eVinci has developed an e-bike in lightweight construction technology from aircraft construction with an innovative patented drive unit (motor and transmission), continuously variable transmission and automatic gear shifting directly on the motor as well as a highly efficient removable battery. The combination of self-developed swing arms, frame and seat domes brings commuters to their destination even faster and without sweating: from 0 to 40 km/h in 4 seconds with a range of over 100 km is the key to the typical Pike performance. Pike I stands for the perfect symbiosis of technology and design. eVinci Mobility has thus succeeded in setting new standards for the e-bike industry. Increased pulse rate guaranteed.


  • High-performance drive with maximum efficiency and dynamic response
  • Touchscreen with intuitive control
  • Smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth to access maps and online/cloud services
  • Innovative Keyless-GO with smartphone
  • Remote access for remote diagnostics
  • The world's first e-bike in its class with continuous, fully automatic shifting under full load
  • 130 Nm – spectacular acceleration with the feel of a bicycle
  • Powered only by throttle to 45 km/h (cf. motorcycle)
  • Range of more than 80 km
  • From 0 to 40 km/h in 5 seconds
  • In-house development of all electronics and software
  • First riveted frame in the bicycle industry based on aircraft construction technology
  • Low mass on the damper, therefore optimal damping characteristics and comfortable driving feel

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