Rimac Nevera sets standards with IDBC2 Brake-by-Wire System

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Developing braking systems for the series production sector and for motorsports is a great benefit. We successfully use the transfer knowledge we gain in both fields to create better braking products and give our customers a decisive advantage.

To achieve the maximum of performance while ensuring the driver safety the race cars are continuously calibrated and inspected with an army of engineers and mechanics. Also, the tracks are specifically designed, prepared, and monitored during racing to get the most out of man and machine. This is not the case for road cars. Although they are not moving at such high speed, they are placed in an unpredictable environment with a much greater potential for an accident if a system fails.

The team of Rimac had to put a vehicle together that can compete in both fields – mastering the high speeds of a racing car and coping with the unpredictable conditions of traffic roads. So they chose the IDBC2 Brake-by-Wire System, a product that incorporates the combined knowledge of this two worlds.

The Rimac Nevera- the fastest production car, made automotive history this May by setting 23 records in one day. The 0-400-0 record in 29.93 seconds was the hardest record to achieve. Dewisoft and Racelogic independently verified the acceleration and deceleration details which were performed at the automotive test facility in Pappenburg, Germany,. These records are exceptional, because they where performed on street tires on an unpreped surface on a normal asphalt. That is quite a challenge because everything has to be in a perfect position and working smoothly to deliver this astonishing results.

And while the Nevera keeps amazing everyone with high- speeds and swift acceleration the IDBC2 Brake-By-Wire system reliably delivers exact brake performance and control.

Take a look at this masterpiece: Rimac Nevera #bendingphysics

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