Revolutionary brake system iDBC²

More modern braking is not possible! With two powerful brake actuators, the revolutionary brake system iDBC² sets new standards. The cooperation between LSP Innovative Automotive Systems GmbH and the manufacturer BWI Group has resulted in a technology that is perfectly suited for series applications, both today and in the future: compact, easily expandable and already suitable for autonomous driving.

The 2-box brake system iDBC² fits current and future requirements of vehicle mobility, a milestone in brake technology. The X-Boost technology developed by LSP achieves an even higher level than previous systems. Brake actuation mechanically decoupled from the pedal had already proven in previous designs that electronic stability programs (ESC, ESP) can be reliably implemented with it and function fail-safely. With the systems developed up to the new iDBC², Advanced Drivers Assistant systems up to level 3 and higher can now be achieved; they also comply with VDA360 specifications.

Outstanding features of the iDBC² braking system from LSP and BWI:

  • the redundancy of the system, consistently designed for the best possible safety, reliably prevents malfunctions
  • it can be easily integrated into other vehicle systems via CAN bus connections
  • there is wheel-specific control
  • no ABS control audible in the vehicle interior
  • has its own power supply
  • convinces by a very compact design

To ensure maximum reliability, the core functions of iDBC² are fully redundant in terms of both architecture and power supply. In addition, in the event of theoretically possible malfunctions, further appropriate control strategies are available to ensure maximum operational reliability. As an actuator, the iDBC² system therefore harmonizes perfectly with other vehicle technology such as chassis control or the ADAS ECU.

Thanks to appropriately configured interfaces, further VMC functionalities such as regenerative braking or wheel-specific torque distribution (torque vectoring) can be implemented without any problems. iDBC² thus opens up interesting options for the future! The system can be easily adapted via software changes. Updates can also be made wirelessly and both the electric drive and the braking system can be functionally integrated.

Discover the revolutionary braking system iDBC²:

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