Paradigm shift in motorsport - Partial electrification in IndyCar

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Worldwide sustainability movements and organizations are increasingly calling for more emphasis to be placed on leading a sustainable and responsible way of life. This is increasing the social and political pressure on companies, events, and teams in racing. But how do motorsport and sustainability fit together? Racing is increasingly associated with environmental pollution and a high level of noise pollution. However, individual measures have been in place for green racing since the 1970s: Waste prevention, noise protection regulations and the compulsory use of catalytic converters no longer justify motorsport’s wasteful and damaging image.

Over the past few years, more and more racing series have embraced society's environmentally friendly views. Formula 1 has been relying on complex hybrid engines since 2014. IndyCar now wants to build on this and will switch to 2.4-litre V6 turbos with a hybrid system from the 2024 season. IndyCar boss Roger Penske wants to lay a marker as to the necessity of sustainability in all areas of life and justify motorsport’s raison d'être for the future as well.

Engineers in particular are facing new challenges to convert cutting-edge technologies from acceleration and braking systems as part of this hybrid transition. In brake-by-wire braking systems, they have found a way to add enormous value to green motorsport.

Brake-by-wire braking technologies attest to the capabilities of regenerative braking, which increases energy efficiency and offers a higher level of safety for drivers. Due to the low weight and compact size of the integrated brake systems, co2 emissions are reduced and fuel consumption can be kept to a minimum.

LSP recognized this opportunity early on and began developing IBSe as brake-by-wire systems as early as 2005. Today, LSP is a pioneer in BBW technology and uses its know-how for the future of the automobile – in autonomous driving and racing. The short development cycles, the fast pace of life and the highest quality standards reflect the sustainability demands of our society and help pave the way towards a green future.

All IBSe technologies at a glance:

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