Next Gen Test Bench: Revolutionizing Brake Software Development with HIL Testing

LSP improves testing capabilities by Hardware-in-the-Loop. HIL Testing is a game-changer for validating embedded software on electronic control units (ECU). By simulating real control devices in a controlled environment, HIL Testing offers:

  • Reproducible Tests: Automate and shorten validation times with reproducible lab tests.
  • Full Vehicle Simulation: Safely test the entire vehicle, including brake components, in a simulated environment.
  • Real Component Integration: Incorporate real hardware like steering and braking systems for accurate testing.
  • Communication Checks: Ensure seamless ECU communication via CAN buses and other protocols.
  • Borderline Case Testing: Safely test extreme scenarios without real-world risks.

Our HIL Testing solutions provide a robust environment for developing and validating brake software, resulting in faster development times and higher-quality software.

Discover the power of Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

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