LSP’s IBSe braking system passes endurance test

The latest development in LSP’s IBSe braking system has overcome a major hurdle. No noticeable performance deficiencies were observed in an endurance test lasting 24 hours – standard for automotive industry norms. IBSe easily coped with the demanding vibration test in all three axle directions, including repeated mechanical shocks with gravity acceleration that is 50 times normal acceleration.

LSP developed the new IBSe as part of the project “Development of a modular pressure actuator for vehicle dynamics applications for autonomous driving and electric vehicles based on additive manufacturing”. The IBSe system registers the desired brake pressure through the driver’s pedal signal and sets it accordingly in a pre-programmed manner on the wheel brake cylinder. Mounted on the so-called Shaker system in the test laboratory, the unit was subjected to strong vibrations and heavy pulses at different frequencies throughout defined cycles – without any negative effects during the specified test duration. It also handily managed the challenging requirements of motorsport conditions, at ambient temperatures ranging from minus 30 degrees to 80 degrees.

Passing this standardized test means LSP’s IBSe braking system has reached an important milestone. The development work is supported by the BMWi and the IBSe test was carried out in connection with the following project:

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