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For LSP, innovation is not just a job – it’s our passion. We take pride in announcing that a large majority of the Formula E teams for the coming racing season will be equipped with LSP’s “brake-by-wire” braking system, IBSe. The first test-runs with the new SRT05E race car have already begun in the Spanish city of Calafat. LSP was there to guarantee the smooth integration of IBSe systems in customer vehicles.

In Formula E, the chassis, high-voltage battery pack and tires are provided by the racing series as standard components, which effectively levels the playing field among the teams on the circuit. But the development of the electric drives and active braking systems that the teams use are a different story entirely.

LSP’s proprietary braking system, IBSe, helped the company expand its market position in motor sports: 80% of the teams are convinced by the technology’s advantages and have decided to go with LSP’s solution for the upcoming Season 5. Weighing in at just 1.5 kg, with a component volume of less than 1.3 liters, and a maximum possible pressure of 110 bar, the IBSe offers maximum braking power with the least amount of required installation space. Using a defined, redundant CAN (controller area network) interface, it is easy to implement the controller system. Based on years of car racing experience, the system’s error control capabilities guarantee safe operation in any situation. Pre-drive checks give the teams an opportunity to monitor the status of their braking systems before every race, thus allowing them to identify any possible issues. The solid know-how and close collaboration with the racing teams also make it possible to then resolve any problems that arise even before the first test-runs. “Based on my experience, the first run in a new race car almost always produces a few problems. So I’m delighted that we haven’t had any vehicle failures or downtimes with the integration of IBSe systems. On the contrary: With many customers, the IBSe functioned nearly perfectly right from the very first run,” says project manager Christian Köglsperger.

The teams can now focus not only on integrating the tactical freedoms of having an active braking system into their racing strategies but also on thoroughly testing them before the first races of Season 5 in December 2018. LSP, meanwhile, is already working on the next phase of evolution of the IBSe for Season 6 as well as on other innovative braking systems for motor sports.

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