IBSe continues its successful run

The first official Formula E test races took place in mid-October in Valencia, Spain, with all of the vehicles and teams on hand. At the event, 80% of all the racing teams were equipped with LSP Brake-by-Wire IBSe braking systems.

LSP was on location not only to ensure that the systems operated smoothly, but also to react quickly in the event of any issues. In addition to taking care of their own systems, LSP was also the main contact for a range of other technical problems such as the CAN communication between power units. Indeed, LSP has been accompanying teams through test runs and races for years, even in highly demanding fixtures such as the Le Mans 24-Hour Race.

What really excites us all is that during the test week were no problems and no malfunctions of the brake-by-wire system. It worked perfectly throughout, something that inspires trust and satisfaction among the teams. We are particularly proud of the comments from BMW driver Alex Sims, who said, "The test has gone really well for us overall. Our car is fantastic, and of course it was a great feeling on Tuesday getting the best times in both sessions. We have to wait and see how the results of the tests measure up in the end, but it’s wonderful being fast out of the blocks. Compared to last year’s car, the BMW iFE.18 feels much more advanced. We’ve not only got improved performance, but more importantly we’ve got the new Brake-by-Wire System, which gives me a lot more confidence in the cockpit."

Feel free to contact us for more information about the IBSe in racing.

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