Great media response to our Piston Controlled Transmission (PCT) technology!

After an exciting and challenging development phase, we managed to successfully test our new PCT technology on the transmission test bench. We are delighted to report that trade magazine ATZ has acknowledged the groundbreaking results in an article in its December issue.

Image: The system on the top shows a hydrostatic piston system and the system bellow shows the new PCT solution (© LSP)

Thanks to the transfer of expertise from our braking technology, we were able to make a technological leap in transmission actuation that enabled us to develop much more cost-effective and efficient actuations in the future. The simultaneous pressure control using pistons and ball seat valves is made a reality primarily by innovative control concepts.

Image: Simultaneous pressure build-up and release for torque transfer in two clutches (© LSP)

In the extensively researched article by ATZ, certain excerpts were published directly from the front lines of the development team. We hope you will enjoy reading it and look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or would like to discuss an applicable application.

Another small preview: These basic developments at LSP have also revealed a number of other areas with great potential – but more on that later...

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