Cooperation Down Under between LSP & Sunswift Racing

Sunswift Racing

Since May of this year, LSP Innovative Automotive GmbH has been cooperating with the solar-electric racing team of UNSW (University of New South Wales in Sidney, Australia), Sunswift Racing. The team has been building and developing solar vehicles for over 25 years. In addition to victories in the World Solar Challenge, Sunswift has also achieved official FIA and Guinness World Records. LSP's braking systems are used in the latest prototype Sunswift 7: this vehicle is the most unique and innovative vehicle in the development series to date.

The Sunswift 7 prototype, which has already been officially unveiled, is a joint project with Optus, a major telecommunications company in Australia and part of the Singtel Group. The aim of the project is for the Sunswift vehicle to drive remotely through Optus’ 5G network. Before this milestone can be reached, the team will participate in various events such as world record attempts and local events in Australia. The built-in LSP brake system ensures the special feeling of reliability and safety even in remote-controlled mode.

In October, the first public test at the Sunswift Remote Driving Event is planned. Two more highlights will follow in December. A short while after, Sunswift will compete to become the fastest electrically powered vehicle over a distance of 1000 kilometers and, if successful, a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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