Autonomous mobility is coming – faster than you think!

Autonomes Fahrzeug
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Automotive experts and mobility researchers agree: the fully autonomous and connected e-vehicle is on the rise. Last year, the European Union started defining the legal framework for the type approval and use of fully automated trucks and busses in accordance with SAE Level 4. According to official forecasts, there will be around 17 million autonomous private vehicles in Europe by 2030 (source:

The transformation of the automotive industry is in an intensive phase. Global megatrends such as sustainability, automation, electrification and micromobility are shaping the transportation systems of tomorrow. These trends and new technologies are changing the mobility landscape of our present day. All of this sounds abstract and off-the-wall until you come across the autonomous and electric people mover at this year's CES 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the latest. Then you know: The future is now!

These mobile compact shuttle buses offer a flexible and individualized transport concept to move people and goods from A to B in the urban and rural landscape in a very efficient and environmentally friendly way outside the public transport network. Relaxed, comfortable, reliable - and without a driver! A technology that aims to completely replace the supercomputer human being, while providing maximum safety for the outside world as well as protecting its occupants. A demanding task for engineers and developers. The challenges for safety-relevant systems such as brakes and electric power steering are increasing immensely.

It is precisely at this point that things get exciting. Creating systems and concepts that bring agility, innovation and smart strategies to support the providers of this new type of mobility to the maximum in their ambitious project. Future-proof developments - that is our goal.

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