Active braking system ready for Formula E

LSP presents an active brake system ready for Formula E racing cars

Electromobility is one of the key development issues in the automotive industry as well as a key driver for innovation.
The Formula E makes an outstanding contribution to the development of future technologies. It is the FIA’s first all-electric motorsport event and has millions of enthusiastic spectators around the world.

For several years, renowned motorsport teams have relied on LSP’s racing experience and expertise. We are very pleased to present our IBSe – a custom brake system for the forward-looking e-racing series.

Maximum energy recovery and constant brake balance

The special feature of LSP’s IBSe is that it fully supports regenerative braking. Energy recuperation has immense advantages over conventional brake systems because it recovers kinetic energy. This directly increases the vehicle’s range. The motorsport brake system also offers drivers a further highlight – the optimal pedal feeling. Even during the recuperation phase, the pedal characteristics remain reproducible and precise. The brake balance remains constant in all situations.

Innovative Design – German Engineering

The heart of this braking system is LSP’s patented Double Air Gap motor. Combined with a friction-optimized ball screw drive and an integrated master brake cylinder, the system displays impressive pressure build-up dynamics. LSP’s specially developed high-performance control valves precisely control the volume flows in the valve block. Low-noise, intelligent sensors and a controller tailored to the vehicle provide rapid and targeted pressure build-up in the brake circuits. Depending on a customer’s needs, the brake pressure can be controlled either axle by axle, or on each wheel.

Outstanding pressure control dynamics

Our innovative approach and sophisticated system architecture ensure high pressure build-up speeds of up to 1000 bar per second. This creates the prerequisites for precise alignment of the target pressure. Due to its unique high pressure control dynamics, the brake system can implement nearly all target pressure requirements in real time, making it compatible with ABS and ESP.

Electrohydraulic braking system with proven fail-safe strategy

The foundation of our long-term motorsport success includes high-quality standards plus software routines and error strategies that have been validated down to the smallest detail. For maximum reliability, the integrated software independently carries out self-diagnostics of the vehicle’s current system status on a continuous basis. Should an unexpected error occur, the system can quickly and safely switch into the hydraulic fall back mode. A redundant CAN interface reliably communicates between the racing car and IBSe.

Highly robust, reliable brake system

To validate our brake systems, we subject them to rigorous testing during their development. As part of a series release, a system must pass temperature tests in our own climate chamber, automated endurance tests on our in-house test bench and in addition, strict stress tests on the shaker. The careful design and detailed acceptance tests of the individual systems are performed exclusively in-house at LSP.

Please contact us for more information on IBSe in motorsport.

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