thyssenkrupp uses LSP’s Brake-by-Wire system in the development of new vehicle architectures

thyssenkrupp’s mobile research platform MRP enables early testing of new chassis components under real-life conditions at a very early stage of development in a fast and agile development process.

The modular platform has been equipped with the Brake-by-Wire braking system from LSP since 2018.

Kristof Polmans, Head of Technology and Innovation at thyssenkrupp, formulates the advantages of the LSP braking system as follows:

„The System from LSP was the best choice on the market for us to have a system that is both easy to integrate into our research vehicles as well as offers easy and fully open interfaces required for our development of new vehicle dynamics functionalities. Since about 1.5 years we are now using this system intensively in one of our development vehicles, and the system proved to be very reliable and also fulfills all our high requirements in terms of full controls over each brake independently with high accuracy and low latency.”

We are pleased that LSP’s developments contribute to systems research in the field of autonomous driving! More information about the MRP platform can be found directly at thyssenkrupp Presta

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