LSP celebrates 20 years

LSP GmbH began as a small Munich start-up with just three employees. Today the company is looking back on 20 years of success and in light of the occasion we’d like to give you a few fun facts about us:

  • LSP began with three people. Today we have 25. A total of 35 people have worked at LSP so far. That’s 212 years of LSP; or 2,741 months; or 52,245 days.
  • Of course one employee is also celebrating his 20th anniversary here. As you may have expected, the gold medal goes to...CEO Thomas Leiber. A few others get to climb the winners’ podium too: Ulrike for 17 years, 10 months, and Gelu for 17 years, 9 months.
  • The international orientation of the company is also clear to be seen in our staff: 12 nationalities are, or have been, represented at LSP.
  • 173 patents have been submitted by the company with a total of 3,294 pages. Printed on A4 paper, we would be able to cover 82% of the company’s floors with that.
  • Nearly all projects are focused on the construction of prototypes for motors and actuators. A total of 8,756 prototypes have come through our workshop.
  • Our employees have also been productive in other areas: 11 boys and 7 girls were created.
  • Our team also knows how important it is to be ready to go in the morning. A total of 7 coffee machines have been worn down here. Combined with our still-functioning coffee vending machine and the espresso machine we’ve made a total of 121,345 portions of coffee.

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