International press review on the introduction of the brake-by-wire system in Formula E

In the current 2018/19 season, for the first time Formula E regulations allow racing cars to be equipped with a brake-by-wire system that electronically distributes the rear axle braking power to the electric motor and brake discs. As a result the maximal recuperation increases from 150 kW to 250 kW.

9 of the 11 Formula E teams rely on LSP’s technology and successfully use the IBSe system developed in Unterföhring. At a mere 1,5kg, the IBSe is an absolute lightweight. The system therefore makes a significant contribution to enhancing the efficiency and performance of Formula E cars as well as increasing the safety for both the driver and the car.

Renowned racing experts and the international trade press alike describe the new technology as revolutionary and a game changer. The media interest has therefore been especially high in the past year.

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"The (invisible) revolution of Formula E. While Formula E fans are looking forward to the new Gen2 design and racing mode, there is a true revolution under the bonnet."


"Formula E is facing the biggest transition in its young history. With the new Gen2 car and the omission of the vehicle change, a whole new realm of racing entertainment awaits fans this coming weekend. Hidden under the bonnet is another revolution just as big, but not immediately evident to fans. We're talking about Brake-by-Wire (BBW). "

Article/Interview on e-racing365 Brake-by-Wire Secrets of Formula E

The US online magazine E-racing365 takes a look behind the scenes and discovers the mysterious world of the brake-by-wire systems of Formula E. The IBSe system from LSP Innovative Automotive Systems is currently used by 80% of Formula E Teams with great success – therefore the experts of LSP were also first-choice-partners of the editors and gave valuable insights to technology, mode of operation and achievement advantages of the IBSe system.

But it is all about the rear brakes in the new-look Formula E cars where the brains and the intrigue lie for the engineers and the fans watching at the track and on TV.

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HWA-Boss Fritz: „Brake-by-Wire-System is „a turning point“ in Formula E.“

Xavier Mestelan Pinon, head of the Formula E project at DS Performance, fears that significant differences in the manufacturers' new individually developed brake-by-wire systems may cause greater distance between teams in the upcoming season."

Specialist article in the Racecar Engineering Magazine Circuit Brakers

The Brake-by-wire technology used in Formula E is examined in a four-page article by internationally acclaimed motorsport journalist Sam Smith in the March issue of RACECAR ENGINEERING magazine.

The current issue is available either as a digital or print version through the following link:

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Introducing a brake-by-wire system would allow greater electronic control of the rear brakes - which would improve the feel for the drivers and maximise the regen. Teams view such an 'active braking' system as one of the key technologies needed in the series[…]“

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