IBSe Report Spain

Fast and efficient through the gears: LSP GmbH’s IBSe system is an active “brake-by-wire” braking system specially designed for Formula E

Starting in the 2018/2019 season (the 5th), LSP is supplying a large portion of the Formula E teams with an innovative brake-by-wire braking system: the IBSe. The decisive advantage of the system lies in its ability to maximizes regenerative braking without influencing pedal feel or braking balance. What’s more, braking balance between the front and rear axles can be adjusted to suit the aerodynamics of the driving situation. Braking remains secure even on the fallback level, and at 1.5 kg the IBSe is an absolute lightweight. That allows the system to greatly contribute to increasing efficiency and performance in Formula E vehicles while also improving driver and vehicle safety.

The use of an electromechanical pressure supply unit tops off the list of decisive efficiency advantages. The drive module contains a low-friction ball-screw drive that converts the rotation of a highly dynamic electric motor into a translational motion that then generates braking power through a hydraulic piston. A range of sensors ensures that all of the vital system parameters can be precisely diagnosed and that the optimum braking strategy can be reliably implemented. But what really provides the extremely precise braking performance is the customized coordination of all the modules.

These distinct advantages have resulted in 80% of all Formula E teams deciding to run the IBSe for the coming fifth season of the circuit. At the moment, dozens of tests are taking place on test beds and racetracks. Now it’s up to the teams to get the best out of their vehicles for the upcoming races. ISP, meanwhile, is already on to the next level of development.


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