Healthy and active all summer!

The last few months weren’t just about interesting development projects and setting up our new office space – we also dedicated a lot of energy to the topics of health, enjoyment and staying active at work.

We sincerely believe that the physical and mental well-being of the team is a responsibility also borne by the employer, so we’ve laid the foundation here for an “all-round healthy workplace”. Satisfaction and health are a core element of the LSP corporate culture! We see it as our task to continually provide inspiration and make offers that will promote that well-being and to encourage a healthy working environment.

In April we put on a “Health day at LSP” for the entire team.

Among other things, everyone at the company was able to assess their own fitness in a personal cardio-stress test, and the highlight of the day was Alexander Buck giving us exciting insights into the human brain in an inspiring lecture. Working on the motto "Mental Self-Management", he offered us valuable tips on how to improve our own resilience and strengthen overall mental health.

On the 16th of July, 15 LSP employees finished the 6.1-kilometer run through Munich's Olympia Park – exhausted but happy.

“Active together, running with colleagues" was the motto at this year's B2Run in Munich. As is the case every year, a team of running enthusiasts was easy to find, and they all experienced the satisfying finish in the Olympia Stadium at a pleasant 24°C. It felt like the entire city of Munich was out running that day. 30,000 runners showed up, in fact, and thanks to good preparation, everyone reached the finish line in the best of moods. After the awards ceremony, all the teams celebrated inside the famous stadium from 1972. "We had a lot of fun and are happy to have participated" was the unanimous sentiment from all the team participants. Next year LSP wants to go for it again at the biggest company running event in Munich.

For more information on the B2Run Munich:

In addition to general advice on a healthy and balanced diet, there were also some specific recommendations for maintaining one’s physical well-being in the workplace. They included drinking tips (which ones quench thirst, reduce stress, increase stress?), the importance of a good breakfast to start the day, and healthy "lunch-to-go" alternatives. Ms. Winkler also provided us with useful ways of actually implementing the tips into our everyday lives. We had a lot of fun during the joint cooking segment as well, and in the end had the distinct feeling of having achieved a culinary success.

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