From idea to innovation: LSP looks back on 15 successful projects

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For more than twenty years, the company has been developing new ideas and successfully realizing them: The think tank LSP GmbH stands for true innovations in mechatronic drives and braking systems.

Conception, testing and implementing outstanding ideas are undoubtedly a time-consuming and cost-intensive undertaking. As a medium-sized company based in Germany, LSP benefits from the innovation-promoting structure of the research landscape in Germany.

In the company's long history full of innovative ideas and technological developments, the think tank has already submitted and successfully processed 15 funded projects. LSP sees the creation of funding projects as an opportunity to secure its own innovative strength while at the same time contributing to ensure that Germany as a business location is prepared for the future.

The company's team is continually developing new projects. Two funded projects are currently in progress, both of which are in the brake sector.

In the motorsport sector, LSP engineers are working on the development of a fail-safe and redundant pressure controller for a dynamic driving system, whereby flexibility and modularity needs also have to be met. Additively manufactured main components will ensure flexibility, while the modularity stems from the innovative design approach.

The second current and challenging funding project sees LSP developing an innovative series braking system suitable for autonomous driving. They intend to meet the demanding safety requirements while at the same time exerting high cost cutting pressure.

Last but not least, we would like to express our thanks to the funding agencies for their objective and critical - but always benevolent - support of our projects. Together, we are creating a basis for a prosperous German business location and a secure future.

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