15 years of the rotary valve train (RVT) – dynamic stability on the engine test bench

Successful in development, proven in practice – LSP Innovative Automotive Systems GmbH from Unterföhring (by Munich) looks back proudly on 20 years of experience developing fully variable valve train systems. For 15 of those years the company has built a solid reputation around its patented, pioneering and purely electromotor-driven rotary valve train (RVT). The longevity of this trailblazing product is based on several factors. On the one hand, the system is extremely accurate, with simultaneously high dynamics and flexibility. On the other hand, it is robust and reliable because it was developed precisely to meet the demanding challenges of the engine test bench. This is demonstrated by the fact that there has never been one critical failure in the RVT’s entire history – neither in the vehicle nor in testing.

The system is available for both passenger car (as RVT-Single and RVT-Twin) and truck (RVT-Twin HD) power classes. To date, around 150 RVT actuators have been delivered to an impressive list of renowned clients. In some cases, LSP actuators have managed a running time of up to 20,000 hours in operation. This incredible durability combined with high dynamics and flexibility speaks for the innovative strength of the Unterföhring engineers.

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